How to Get a Legitimate Debt Settlement and Stop Credit Card Bills

‘Never pay back credit card debt’ must sound like a dream phrase for those saddled with huge bills on their American Express, Visa or MasterCard payments. It is not only the payments that are due but the over-the-top interest rates, which can be crippling to the cardholder.

In order to get a legitimate debt settlement on your credit card bills, the key is to be patient. Most of all, you should be prepared with what you want to tell the credit card firm when you call them. In order to never pay back credit card debt, you should have in mind the amount you are prepared to repay and how, whether as a lump sum or in installments.

A legitimate debt settlement may also involve playing the waiting game. Although you still have to make the payments, if you negotiate cannily, you can manage to get a waiver on the late payment fee, interest and hidden charges which can combine for up to 30 to 40 percent of what you see on your credit card bill.

Although to never pay back credit card debt may seem a bit unrealistic, you can shave off large chunks of it through the negotiation process. If the collector on the other end of the phone line is adamant ask to talk to a supervisor. The absolute wrong way to go when you are talking to a collector is to lose your cool and start swearing in frustration.

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With the hidden fees and the like, you may find even the supervisor is unwilling to back off from a stand where you are asked to pay back that 30 to 40 percent. This is where the waiting game begins as you should get a notification in your mail soon saying they will be willing to accept your terms and conditions. You will have to stand your ground when the credit card insists the extra amount should be a part of your legitimate debt settlement.

If it all works out, you will never pay back credit debt or at the very least, you will stop receiving those pesky bills!