Getting Ready for Backpacking

Adventurous people would simply love to go for backpacking at least once in their lifetime. Do you fall under this category? If yes, then you must be very excited about it. But remember, it is not just fun. Backpacking needs a lot of preparation so that you can be safe while enjoying the trip with your fellow backpackers. Especially if you opt for hiking, then you need added preparation. Plan ahead of time and train yourself properly to avoid any kind of hassle that may spoil your trip. Otherwise the unpredictable nature of hiking can get you into trouble.

Go through the helpful tips below to ensure a smooth trip.

  • If you have chosen hiking, first you should asses your as well as your fellow backpackers’ physical fitness. Go for a general health check-up. Having sound knowledge about your physical health will help you to minimize complications.
  • Once you assess your physical fitness, its time to develop an exercise program. Free weight exercise is a must. Other than that you can include swimming, walking, cycling and biking in your exercise regime. Stationary bikes, rowing machines and Nordic Track machine also work well for your whole body. Give stress not only on your legs, but also on your back, arms and core.
  • Walk in your neighborhoods with a sack and make sure to load it about five pounds heavier than you are going to carry in real hike. As days pass, increase length and level of difficulty.
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As far as your physical fitness is concerned, following these tips will help you. But there is another crucial aspect to backpacking that you should not overlook. It is insurance. Getting insured is very important if you are going for a backpacking trip, especially if you are going to hike. You can get annual travel insurance from a number of insurance providers which provide packages virtually tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Adequate travel cover doesn’t have to be expensive either, a simple shop around will yield a number of cheap travel insurance options for people who wish to enjoy backpacking and be safe. Not getting insured may result in financial disaster if you get severely inured or if your luggage gets stolen. Getting insured may be an expensive affair in the initial level. But it will save your money in the long run.