The Floor Covering Dilemma When You Are Opening A Dollar Store

Opening a dollar store involves so many decisions. The list runs on to include literally hundreds of decisions, big and small. There are decisions about the right location. Then once the location is selected and the lease is signed questions about paint colors begin to arise. Then there are questions about the ceiling and the quality of the lighting. And of course if the ceiling creates questions, the floor will do the same. In many cases the flooring is in-place and requires nothing. However in other situations changes will be required. In those cases the flooring questions go well beyond questions of color. For many there are also questions regarding the right materials to use for the floors in their dollarstore.

Carpet is often overlooked as an option. A quality commercial grade carpet can generally be installed on a surface that isn’t perfectly level or smooth. It provides a smooth surface for shoppers, thus reducing the risk of falls. With the variety of colors it is easy to have carpeting that conforms to your desired color scheme. On the downside, carpet stains easily, it shows dirt, and even the best grades show the wear and tear of heavy dollarstore traffic fairly quickly.

Carpet squares are another option for those opening a dollar store. Carpet squares, especially the heavy duty squares, are easy to install. They are also easy to pull and replace should an area become damaged or stained. They come in a variety of colors, and can be mixed to create attractive patterns and designs. Some come in a rougher finish, and often don’t show dirt and stains as quickly as regular roll carpets.

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Linoleum is another frequently considered option for those who are opening a dollar store. Once again, the options regarding quality and color are almost limitless. Linoleum does require a fairly flat surface underneath. It is easy to clean and polish. On the downside, there is a higher risk of slipping when linoleum is wet.

Tile squares provide another option for covering dollarstore floors. While the surface underneath does need to be fairly flat, installation is fairly easy for the do-it-yourselfer. Replacement of worn or damaged squares of also easy. Cleaning of dirt, grime and stains is on-par with linoleum. As with linoleum, there is a significant hazard of slipping when tile squares are wet.

While there are other options such as laminate and wood flooring, most who are opening a dollar store will consider the above options first. Be sure to research not only costs, but also the functionality of the flooring materials you choose. Making a mistake can create a maintenance nightmare in your dollarstore. There’s nothing worse than being open for a year or two and facing the need to replace the flooring material because the original material you selected could not stand up to the high traffic numbers.

To your dollar store success!